Hi my name is Tina….welcome to my website and thank you for taking the time to view my images and learn a little regarding how I work as a wedding photographer.

To be chosen as a wedding photography professional to represent couples on such a magnificent occasion is simply fabulous and always an honour.

I absolutely love taking photos of people; this has been a constant passion throughout my life. I knew from the moment I first entered the photographic darkroom as a visual communications student at art college that image making would be at my very core forever. My subsequent degree studies focused totally on the creative arts and, whilst the technology of photo making may have changed, the excitement and buzz of delivering stunning imagery which makes people smile remains resolutely.

Having spent many years as a commercial photographer, where attention to detail and desire for gorgeous imagery is paramount, I am enchanted by the connection between people and the setting, and the way that a story unfolds in pictures.

Working with couples and their families, grasping composition and capturing once in a lifetime moments, and absorbing the character of the special day is where I excel. Photographing your special day is the perfect assignment for me – so being part of a wedding and capturing the essence of romantic moments is a dream.

My style would be considered un-staged, relaxed and soft. I strive for a good mix of natural moments with movement throughout the day, with private elements and a love of pure daylight.  Each client portfolio contains both colour and monochrome to reflect the different tones and moods of the event.

With an emphasis on an informal, reportage approach I work closely at the outset with couples to ensure that all the traditional requirements are met also. Wedding gatherings offer an amazing opportunity for a family to capture treasured memories and, with myself and an assistant photographer present at all events, there is scope to create photos which mark a moment in personal history for generations to come.

Being chosen to photograph a wedding is a privilege, to be part of your special day is very exciting and the day will be seen through the eyes of a true romantic, and my aim is to be discreet whilst capturing the images you will want to cherish forever.