Finding ‘The One'


So, I went to The National Wedding Show last weekend at the NEC in Birmingham to check out some accessories for an upcoming photo-shoot that I'm organizing… I just wanted to see what is ‘in' at the moment and what accessories brides love right now.


Well, it was wedding dresses, wedding dresses, and more wedding dresses! I have no idea how anyone is able to choose ‘the one'! Dresses seemed to dominate the entire show, from the venue entrance, to stalls and stands and all the way onto the catwalk. Queues of excited brides-to-be were waiting in line to be the next one to try on a dress and twirl around in front of one of the many hundreds of mirrors.


I was interested to notice the amount of brides that buy from these types of shows and therefore take advantage of the show's special discounted prices. But how do you find and pick the right dress for what will be the most exciting day of your life and enter into a world within which you have no previous experience?


Even once you have decided the general style you are bombarded with questions regarding budget, material, length, colour, decoration and necklines. But it doesn't stop there; do you want a bag and accessories? You definitely need shoes, but do you match the shoes to the dress or the dress to the shoes? What about a veil? Are they out-dated? Apparently superstition says they are meant to ward off evil spirits, so tread carefully if you decide against one!


However, whatever style decision the bride makes they never fail to be the most incredible beauty in my eyes, and through my camera lens, on the wedding day.


With such emotional and financial investment in the bridal gown it is not surprising that I am getting increasing requests to photograph not just the ‘getting ready' images before the ceremony (which is a usual part of my package), but also for a dress rehearsal shoot a week or two prior. These occasions tend to be huge fun and allow the bride to trial hair and makeup too - the images are wonderful keepsakes and really help to fine-tune the ‘final look'.


During the wedding day it is a fantastic privilege to photograph the preparations of the bride as her closest friends and family, who are all anxious and excited for the big day ahead, assist and support her. This part of the wedding ritual gives the bride and her dress their own special moments to be adored before the start of their incredible journey together for the day…

The dress has a lot of work to do, so make the right decision ladies.

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