As I sit in front of my computer looking at the usual mass of images on the huge screen, it occurs to me that I have a very different view of the world. I say ‘different’ purely because I see things in far, far greater detail than most people will ever witness!!! The fine detail captured by my Nikon professional cameras is simply staggering (and a little frightening in its ability to show EVERYTHING !).

So let’s say it’s your wedding day and you’re looking in the mirror, after 4 hours of hair and makeup, reflected back at you is the image you will wish to eventually see in your wedding photos...nothing else will do. The emotional and financial investment for this day has been unmatched by anything in your life thus far - you deserve to have wonderful photography to remember this life-changing event by - which is where my magic comes in:)

Brides Choice Rules!

There is a large percentage of us girls (and boys), including me, that have bits of ourselves that, well let’s say we wished were rather “not there”. During your wedding planning you are bombarded with the perfect image of brides in bridal magazines, online blogs and wedding shows...the pressure to look awesome can be overwhelming! I have never come across a single bride that says to me “Don’t worry about editing out that pre-wedding stress spot” (which chose to occur at just the wrong time); or “Please leave in that small annoying bit of back fat that is always going to overhang my dress in certain poses” (which is perfectly natural). The rule as an accomplished photographic editor (or ‘wedditor’ in this case) is ‘Make it Natural...Make it Awesome’. In the same way that your florist removes the thorns from your roses, your photographer should edit your images to ensure that the very best version of you appears in your album.


We are talking about the fairytale, Disney, a big budget romantic movie, the perfect day! This is not a normal occurrence (hopefully). You are a princess for the day, all eyes on you...not to worry, cue Tina Downham Master Photographer & Surgical Editor…ta da!!!!


Fast forward a few bliss; wedding album designed, not a blemish in sight, not an ounce of back fat visible to the naked eye (even your evil cousin, who you only invited to the wedding because you had to, can’t find fault in this set of images), and you are turning the pages of your newly printed, leather-bound, Italian lay-flat album, ahhing and gasping as you recount your perfect day….

Lasting memories frozen for eternity of you looking the most amazing you have ever looked.

Or you can leave it to chance...hmmm? So what was Tina’s number again?


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