Let’s talk photography. More specifically, let’s talk wedding photography. I love the moment I get hired; it’s an emotional moment as the bride has just decided I am the one, along with her husband to be, to share in the big day.


I get a front row seat to all the action and excitement. I get to build a relationship with the couple leading up to the day (which is optional) but it’s what I love about the job, I form long and lasting relationships. I get to understand what ideas are on their mind, and not everyone knows what style they are looking for, which gives me plenty of opportunity to get creative.


From behind the camera I get a whole different perspective of the day. I am looking for the ‘golden nuggets’ of pure artistic brilliance, and when I get it, well, it’s what makes my role as a wedding photographer. Depending on what has been asked of me for the day, I always try to add in some little extra gems, and some of those are from the groom.


When I am with the bride in the morning photographing her getting ready, I have my second photographer (part of my typical wedding package) to go to the wedding venue to capture the groom whilst he is waiting. There are some of the most amazing ‘golden nuggets’ that I speak about to capture there. The anticipation and nerves of the groom waiting for his bride makes for some fantastic pensive and thoughtful imagery… Powerful stuff eh?


If you’re looking for a wedding photographer who is as passionate about the bride as well as the groom… I just might be what you’re looking for.


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